PhyloAcc results
1. Run info (phyloacc-post)

The PhyloAcc post-processing script was run on Sunday Oct 23, 2022 at 11:31:54 EDT on as follows:

/n/home07/gthomas/projects/PhyloAcc/src/PhyloAcc-interface/ -i st-test-branches/ -bf1 4 -bf2 4 -bf3 4
Batch summary
Complete ST batches 82
Complete GT batches 0
Incomplete ST batches 0
Incomplete GT batches 0
Loci per batch 25
Threads per batch 8
Average runtime per batch (min.) 50
Bayes factor cut-offs
Bayes Factor Models compared Cut-off # loci above cut-off
BF1 M1 (target acceleration) vs. M0 (no acceleration) 4.0 1679
BF2 M1 (target acceleration) vs. M2 (free acceleration) 4.0 818
BF3 M2 (free acceleration) vs. M0 (no acceleration) 4.0 1140
Result summary

Acclerated loci (targets) are those above the cut-off of both BF1 and BF2.

Total loci 2029
Accelerated loci (targets) 784
Accelerated loci (full) 595

See the full log file for more info.

Below are some summary plots. Raw data is also available in in the results folder.

2. Bayes factors
Median BF1 7.854
Median BF2 3.754
Median BF3 4.882
3. Accelerated lineages per locus under full model (M2)
Avg. accelerated branches per locus 16
Median accelerated branches per locus 1
4. Accelerated lineages in most loci under full model (M2)
Avg. times a branch is accelerated 227
Median times a branch is accelerated 175

The 10 lineages accelerated in the most loci.